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Series Solid Triangle Transformer
Time:2016-9-1 11:13:46


This product is the perfect combination of three-dimensional core and resin insulated dry-type transformers。 Both the energy-saving material, no-load loss, no-load current is low, low noise characteristics, as well as resin insulated dry-type transformers electrical performance is good, the local discharge value is low, lightning resistance, strong anti-short circuit capability, high mechanical strength specialty。 Is the production and use of dual energy-saving products, its application and promotion in line with national energy conservation policies。


Products for high fire protection requirements, such as high-rise residential, airport, station terminals, subway, hospitals, power plants, metallurgical industry, shopping centers, residential areas of petrochemical, nuclear power plants, nuclear submarines and other places。



◆ Energy saving, energy saving;

◆ Electrical performance is good, the local discharge value is low;

◆ Resistant to lightning shock resistance, strong anti-short circuit capability;

◆No-load loss, no-load current, low noise

◆ High mechanical strength, moisture and fire.




Raled HV

10(10.5, 11,6,6.3, 6.6)kV

Raled LV:0.4kV

Tap connection range:

Non-exciting regulation

(±5%,±2×2 5%)

On-load regulation(±4×2。5%)

Vector group:D ynll orY yn0

Iinsulation level: L175AC35/AC5


Model Description:


Three - dimensional triangular dry - type transformers


SCB series epoxy resin cast F - class dry - type transformers

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