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Amorphous Alloy Dry-type Transformer
Time:2016-9-1 11:13:32


Amorphous alloy dry-type transformer no-load loss than GB / T10228 Table 4 Group I reduced 75%, load loss than GB / T10228 Table 4 reduced by 15%, is the most advanced energy-saving dry-type transformers。



◆ Energy saving and environmental protection, no-load loss than the conventional 10 dry 70% to 80%;

◆ Three anti-strong ability, high thermal stability;

◆ Investment recovery period is short, long-term customers benefit.



GB/T22072-2008       GB1094。11-2007

Rated HV:


Rated LV :0.4kV

Tap connection range:

Non-exciting regulation


On-load regulation(±4×2.5%)

Vector group:D yn11 or Y yn0

Insulation level:LI75AC35/AC5


Model Description:


Performance parameters:

◆Note: The connection group with "*" Yyno is suitable for transformers with capacity ≤400kVA。 The technical parameters of special specifications or non-standard products are determined by consultation between supply and demand sides。

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